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Tongue Tie Separation & Feeding Support.

Yattendon Clinic: Breastfeeding support £100 with Tongue Tie separation, if needed, £80.

Service Description

This clinic appointment includes a full consultation, a full assessment of your baby's tongue mobility, division of the tongue tie and a post-procedure feeding plan, Including telephone support. A £100 is taken prior to the appointment by bank transfer, due to the large amounts of enquiries the appointment wont be booked until this has been paid. £50 of that is non refundable if cancellation is within 24 hours prior to the appointment. As well as covering all the support you would get from a breastfeeding support session, it will also involve the separation of the tongue tie, at an additional £80. This is ideally done at a time when baby is due a feed and full a breastfeed is observed afterwards. Due to the nature of a tongue tie separation, there are some criteria that have to be fulfilled before this can be done safely in the clinic and a consent form signed by parents beforehand. I will discuss these with you prior to the appointment. I may also take before and after photos which will be stored safely along with your records.

Contact Details

  • Adam and Eve Hair Yattendon, The Square, Yattendon, Thatcham RG18 0UF, UK


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