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I am passionate that all women world wide can get support to breastfeed their babies. This is so important to public health. One of my passions alongside breastfeeding is a charity called Compassion. I have worked for this charity and I am constantly inspired about what they do to help children growing up in extreme poverty.


One project Compassion have created is called Child Survival Programmes, they support pregnant women to give their babies the best start in life. They are given all the information that you have been given about the development of a baby in the womb and how to keep their baby safe. They are supported with health care during their pregnancy and for a year after to give mother and baby the best start. Once the baby has been born they are also put into the sponsorship programme, where they are sponsored for their education, given life skills to use outside of education and to create work opportunities. The children are  also given health care and most of all they are given hope that their life could change and they could be released from the trap of poverty. The children also develop friendships with their sponsors through the sending and receiving of letters.

  • I give 1% of my profits to the child survival programme in Togo to support women just like you having a baby in extreme poverty. This means that every time I see someone in England this makes a huge difference to a woman in Togo.

  • There is a facebook swap shop you can be part of that encourages giving away baby equipment and clothes that could help another family. This can be a life line for many families, its good for the environment and you could benefit from free stuff too.

  • As a company I strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, breastfeeding is completely carbon neutral and I would like to be too.

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